Greetings fellow modellers,

Just a quick update to let everyone know that we will be attending the Australian Railway Modellers Manufacturing Exposition, at the Kyneton Masonic Hall, over the weekend of 21st and 22nd of September. It has been a busy couple of months in the BB workshop and we are pleased to announce that there will be some new releases available to keep both the HO, N, Victorian and NSW modellers happy.

Come down, or up and say Hello. We look forward to seeing you there.

Bill and Sean


APRIL 14 2019

Good afternoon all,

Just a quick update to let everyone know that we will be attending the Easter exhibition at the Diamond Creek Community Bank Centre. We're pleased to announce that will be releasing a new container in our range. This is the former Chickadee Models' 40ft x 8ft, ribbed-sided container, as seen below. We also have a range of former Chickadee Models' decals to suit this container.

Come down and say Hello. We look forward to seeing you there.

Bill and Sean


MARCH 18 2018

Hello all. Well, it has happened again. The days are going by so quickly that everything becomes a blur.

Just a quick update to let you know that Bills Billboards will be attending the YVMRC's exhibition over the Easter weekend; See below for details. This year we will be releasing 3 new containers. First up is a generic waffle/corrugated 14'5" container, that can be painted any colour of your choice, or painted per the instructions to represent the half white/half orange TNT container. Secondly, we will be releasing the 14'5" BRAMBLES TRANSPORT container and lastly, the Mayne Nickless (MN) 14'5" container. All of these should suit the 60s and 70s modelling fraternity.

We look forward to seeing you there.

Bill and Sean


MARCH 24 2015

Hello all. Where on earth has 3 years gone to????

UPDATE, UPDATE, UPDATE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We'd like to start off by announcing that, after the untimely passing of longtime Hobsons Bay MRC member, all-round great guy and fantastic modeller, George Bambery in March last year, Bills Billboards is now the stockist of the former Chickadee Models range of container decals. In the past few months before Christmas, we have been busy sorting out the numerous sizeable sheets of decals, along with what decals were already bagged and ready for sale. We are only about halfway through this process. Some customers may be aware that some of the stock has been available from us at various shows late last year. Along with the decal side of things, we also inherited the molds for the various container loads that were available from Chickadee. We have also been busy casting up enough stock, so that the can be officially re-released at this year's Hobsons Bay, Easter exhibition.

There will be 4 container packs available; undecorated, INTERMODAL, UNITED EXPRESS FREIGHT and T.N.T EXPRESS S.A. All of the company branded kits come with decals and are $20 each. The undecorated kits are $15 each. All kits will contain the same 40' tarp load container that was previously available from Chickadee Models. We are currently working on other tarp load shapes to mix things up a little and add some variety to your trains.

The Hobsons Bay Model Railway Club exhibition will be held at Union Hall, LaTrobe University - Bundoora Campus over the Easter weekend.


SUNDAY APRIL 5TH - 10AM to 5PM and


We look forward to seeing you there.

Bills Billboards, along with everyone else these days, is now on Facebook. This is probably one of the main reasons why this page hasn't been updated as much of recent times. Bills Billboards' Facebook page can be found HERE

Very soon we will be updating our pricelists, so keep an eye on this space and get in asap for the cheaper prices. These increases are necessary due to the rise in cartridge prices out of China.

'Till next time, Happy Modelling.

Bill and Sean


JANUARY 13 2012

Hello all. Well, another year has passed us by and it only seems like yesterday we were saying goodbye to 2010. Happy New Year everyone. Bills Billboards are still going, but, we've been busy doing smaller custom jobs for people, in between our regular jobs. Yes!!! we do have regular jobs ourselves! :)

We thought we'd start the year off with something for the N scale guys, while we wait for some official drawings from V/Line to continue other projects currently in the pipeline.

We think the N scale boys - and girls - will go nuts over this. We've released the decal featured on Bill's tanker displayed in the HBMRC modeling competition at last year's exhibition.

This is how the model should look.

The decal pack contains all things needed to complete TW/VTQA379 tanker decal; logos, red lines, 2 types of coding, safety decals, handbrake squares, inverted Us and data patches. It's complete.

BBN38 is available right now. $7.50 is the price. The pricelist will be updated shortly. Get in fast as these won't last!!!

'Till next time

Bill and Sean


APRIL 27 2011

Hello all. Another Hobsons Bay exhibition has been and gone and it was yet another successful one for all concerned. Bills Billboards released a few new decals, C503 in SSR, A class numbers to suit Auscision locos, F class numbers and a small range of O scale 7 inch lettering.

In the space of an hour last night, 3 new O scale decals were added to the range. Now avaliable in O scale is........

BBO1 - 7 Inch White Lettering
BBO2 - 7 Inch Black Lettering
BBO3 - Assorted VR Stencils
BBO4 - 5 Inch White Lettering and
BBO5 - Handbrake Squares.

An O scale order form will be added shortly
'Till next time

Bill and Sean


APRIL 6 2011

Good afternoon all. Just wanting to let you know know that Bills Billboards will be attending this year's Hobson's Bay MRC Easter Exhibition of Australian Model Railways at the Collingwood College. This year will only be a 2 DAY event.

We will be situated in the small hall, along side Lyndon's Basic Australian Trains.

The exhibition is on;

Saturday 23rd April 10am - 5pm

Sunday 24th April 10am - 5pm

We look forward to seeing you there.


'Till next time

Bill and Sean



Just a quick update to let all you N scale modellers know, that G511, G513 and G514 SSR loco decals are available for purchase. The retail price of these are $9.00. Get yours now!!!


'Till next time

Bill and Sean


AUGUST 23 2010

Hello there fellow modellers. Just a quick note to inform you that we're still busy working away on a few things and have not vanished off the planet - yet! The HO Pricelist has been updated and now includes G511 SSR decals (BB141/3). All SSR decals will be scaled down for you N scalers.


Southern Shorthaul Rail C classes,
Level Crossing and associated signage,
and VR tanker decals to suit VR Products.

We're also pleased to see the Order Form being used.


'Till next time

Bill and Sean


APRIL 09 2010

Hello there fellow modellers. With a very successful Hobsons Bay exhibition over for another year, we thought it would be a good time to get some more work done on the website. The HO scale pricelist has been update with the new releases from the exhibition and an Order Form has been added to make it easier for ordering direct from us. Both HO and N scale pricelists and the Order Form are available in PDF format and can be found on the FAQ page.


MARCH 09 2010

Hey guys and gals! Just a quick update to let you know we're well and still around. We've been busily working behind the scenes to get some new stuff ready for release at Hobsons' Bay Exhibition at Collingwood in April. We look forward to seeing you all there. Thanks, Bills Billboards.

THE EXHIBITION OF AUSTRALIAN MODEL RAILWAYS will be held over the up and coming Easter weekend.

Saturday 3rd April 10am - 5pm

Sunday 4th April 10am - 5pm

Monday 5th April 10am - 4pm



NOVEMBER 22 2009

Hey guys and gals! Yes we are still alive. We are proud to announce the up and coming release of Southern Shorthaul Railway G class decals. The artwork is completed and the decals will be available from the next week, the 28th Nov. The decals have been drawn up from the article in the current Australian Model Railway Magazine. The pack contains all decals required to complete the model, including the pilot decals 'Made to Fit'. There are also some additional instructions printed on the packing slip. Please be sure to read them before proceeding. Thanks, Bills Billboards.


AUGUST 17 2009

After many requests from several interested customers, Bills Billboards are proud to announce that Vic-Rail Tea-Cup logos for passenger coaches are now available. We have also done Gold Reflectors, to compliment the Silver Reflectors. These should be suitable for modern day rollingstock. Thanks.


AUGUST 14 2009

Welcome to the new Bills Billboards website. This site is still under construction and hopefully will be fully operational shortly. Please feel free to wander through. We now have a range of over 150 decals packs available to modellers. The majority of these are HO scale - about 140, with the latest being tarp decals to suit the Aust N Rail HO and N scale GY tarps. These decals are available in both HO and N. Black 7 inch lettering has been done, with yellow coming very soon. We are currently refining the Steamrail S class decal, which should be out very soon. Both HO and N scale price lists are printable from the FAQ page. We hope you find this site easy to use. We look forward to your custom and any feedback you are kind enough to give.

Our email address is: [email protected]


Bill and Sean